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Currently accepting new clients in California!



"love is never better than the lover" 

The relationship we have with ourselves is the foundation for all other aspects of our lives.


My work focuses on nurturing that relationship to deepen fulfillment, practice self alignment, and feel more intimately connected with ourselves and others. 

Inspired by Toni Morrison, I believe that the way we show up in the world is dependent upon who we are and how we love ourselves. Our pain, fears, experiences, and desires directly influence how we love and honor ourselves. That relationship impacts the rest of our lives.  

Our therapeutic relationship is bidirectional; we learn from each other and grow from our work together. Sessions may not always be pretty, or perfect, but they will be honest. 

Are you ready to become comfortable being uncomfortable? 

Toni Morrison


Together, we will build an authentic, trusting connection where it is safe to unmask the parts of ourselves we normally hide. When someone seeks therapy, they are looking to feel seen, understood, and heard. Through our relationship, we will nurture the parts of ourselves that feel neglected.


I approach therapy with curiosity, appreciation, and humility. I use a holistic approach, considering a person's mind, body, and spirit. Based upon each person's individual needs, I integrate a mixture of modalities such as Person Centered Therapy, Cognitive - Based Therapy, Attachment Based Therapy, Solutions - Focused Therapy, and Family Systems Therapy. 

Additional interests include: yoga, mindful meditation, astrology, and more.

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